Sameera Rao

Hi! I am Sameera. I have been learning yoga online from Shashi Ma’am for the past 2 months and I believe its one of the best things I have done for myself – it’s been such a wonderful learning! Though I was a bit skeptical initially , to learn yoga online, once I started attending classes with Shashi Ma’am, I was convinced I had to continue.

Shashi Ma’am is a wonderful teacher who understand her students so well. She has the knack, knowledge and wisdom to keep things simple yet make sure to deliver all the necessary information. Her patience to go with the pace that is suitable for the student is very encouraging. She gently nudges one to move forward without making it rushed or intimidating. She is very good at her craft; her inter-personal skills make her classes all the more interesting , effective and something to look forward for, every time. I sincerely hope more and more people benefit from Shashi ma’am’s classes. Thank you!