Hi! I am Sameera. I have been learning yoga online from Shashi Ma’am for the past 2 months and I believe its one of the best things I have done for myself – it’s been such a wonderful learning! Though I was a bit skeptical initially , to learn yoga online, once I started attending classes with Shashi Ma’am, I was convinced I had to continue.

Shashi Ma’am is a wonderful teacher who understand her students so well. She has the knack, knowledge and wisdom to keep things simple yet make sure to deliver all the necessary information. Her patience to go with the pace that is suitable for the student is very encouraging. She gently nudges one to move forward without making it rushed or intimidating. She is very good at her craft; her inter-personal skills make her classes all the more interesting , effective and something to look forward for, every time. I sincerely hope more and more people benefit from Shashi ma’am’s classes. Thank you!

Sameera Rao

I took shashi’s contemporary dance classes at Kalatattva and it has been a fascinating experience. She is an amazing teacher who encourages one to learn the right techniques and be creative in one’s movement . I loved all of her classes and would totally recommend one to learn as much as possible from shashi 🙂

Ojasvita Walgad

Hi! I am Nimisha & I am a working woman & a mother of 2. I met shashi ma’am at a point when I really needed help. I was going through low self-esteem, was losing confidence. I had very negative image of self- physically & mentally. During this time I came across Kalatattva one day & just walked in to enquire without knowing what I wanted. I took up individual dance classes with Shashi ma’am & before I realised, there was a huge change in me. I was regaining my confidence & self-esteem & was generally a more happier person. No, its not just the dancing that helped. Ma’am is a very empathetic person with loads of patience. The conversations with her helped me too.
I would definitely recommend Kalatattva (Shashi ma’am) to everyone who wants to work on self. She is one of the best teachers I have come across, & her approach is simple, logical, practical & holistic. Her dancing style is also simple, unique & beautiful. Thank you Shashi ma’am for all your help. I wish you all the very best for the wonderful job you are doing. You rock!! 🙂


a month ago-Hi! I am Khushi & I am a new mother (my baby girl is 3 months old now). I have taken prenatal yoga classes from Ms.Shashi @ Kalatattva & it has been a fantastic experience. The information & knowledge Ms.Shashi shares with her clients is invaluable. Her knowledge about pregnancy & the finer details she shared with me will stay with me forever. I really wish more & more women opt for pregnancy yoga & experience the joy of natural birthing. I didn’t take any epidural & didn’t even think of cesarean after taking classes from Ms.Shashi. I have had a healthy pregnancy & gave birth to a healthy baby. Thank you very much Ms.Shashi for all your help, love & support. And yes, I shall come back to you for the postnatal classes.Here’s wishing you & Kalatattva all the very best for a beautiful future. Keep inspiring!! 🙂

Khushi Takur

Hi! I am Ashwini. Its been a month since I have joined Kalatattva – Movements Arts & Yoga for yoga classes and am loving it! Shashi is an exceptional proficient trainer. Her programs are really good which helped me keep fit. Apart from yoga programs, they have other programs like Salsa classes, contemporary dance classes, Dance for fitness and many other art workshops happening every weekend. They have flexible programs as per our requirements, which is really beneficial for me. Will surely recommend this place for all age groups and pregnant woman especially. Shashi is a certified Prenatal and Postnatal trainer as well. Very peaceful location. Glad i joined here 🙂


Niharika Pramod

Natasha Chandy

I had this wish to dance all through my life & finally my wish came true when I came to Kalatattva & met Shashi. The space is absolutely lovely with lots of positive energy & warmth. Shashi is a fantastic teacher with patience, great sense of rhythm & music, & her dance style is quite unique &interesting. Her understanding of each of her students strengths & limits is a very good quality you find in a teacher. Shashi is by far one of the best teachers I have come across in my life so far. I would definitely recommend Kalatattva to everyone. I wish Shashi & the Kalatattva team all the very best of luck for a bright & successful future.


I would recommend Kalattava as one of the best yoga learning centres in Bangalore. From my personal experience as a learner this yoga centre has helped me to associate with the art and our trainer ( Sashi) has provided the right guidance by understanding my body type and the required practice with a very professional approach. Thank you.

Moby K Babu

Simply in love with my yoga classes conducted by Shashikala Reddy . The pace is perfect , which gives you the right time needed to connect with yourself for each and every Asana. You leave the class with a sense of satisfaction always .
My flexibility and strength has drastically improved after I started my yoga classes here . Always look forward to my time on the mat with Shashi .

Anita Lopez