To exit is not to quit

‘To exit is not to quit” ………. “Nobody gives you a solo, you have to take it!”

These are the two very profound, inspiring and motivating lessons I have learnt from one of the precious teachers in my life, Katie Duck. 

Though I did understand the meaning of these statements when I heard it from her, it’s only at this point of time do I feel the enormity of these lessons. Every time my ego kicks in, I say to myself “To exit is not to quit”. When I cannot create something meaningful and beautiful it makes sense to step out and provide a space for something wonderful to happen. It is truly a satisfying feeling to know that I helped for something beautiful to emerge. I am indeed an important part of that creation.

At the same time I have learnt not to sulk and get negative when I THINK I am not getting enough attention or importance. All I do now is check with myself if I really want to do something and then make an initiative to ‘take my solo’. Yes, I am capable of doing it! And, trust me, I surprise myself every time I decide to do so.



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